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About Averyl & Avenue Photos

  Averyl has passion in what she is doing. She likes to tell stories and express her emotions through pictures. Graduated in Fine Arts, she combines colors and designs into her pictures.

She believes everyone can shoot masterpieces. Everyone has his or her emotions to express. That's why she calls her brand Avenue Photos. Avenues are not huge, but they are present everwhere; when grouped together, they can be stronger than boulevards or even highways!

"I like to capture images that reflect my emotions, I would like to thank everyone who appreciates and supports my work."

Singapore & Hong Kong Lifestyle Photographer

To see more of her work, please her Flickr page
Averyl's Design Portfolio | Makeup Portfolio | Handmade Accessories to Help Animal Welfare

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Contact Averyl

  If you would like to keep memories in a story, let her know! Or even a chat :)
Avenue Photos
Freelance photographer in Singapore / Hong Kong. Lifestyle photography, wedding photogrphy, events photography, modeling photography.
Singapore +65 8684 6808
Hong Kong +852 6682 0508